Smart and Stable Control Tools

Tanning Salon Software

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With the Right Software,
Great Things Can Happen

With the our Tanning Salon Software, you can manage your daily business in the studio in a way that is easy to understand and clear. Individual cabins are controlled, their status displayed, visitors registered and their visiting behavior analyzed, goods sold and accounting managed.

Some control features  of the software
  • Easy to use

  • Tanning sunbed start control

  • Helps with the right customer advice

  • Detailed customer tracking

  • Customer-specific reports 

  • Browning & Cash Flow Graphics

  • Tanning Tubes & machines graphics, statistics

  • Tracking of cash flow and customer details.

  • Reservation system

  • Bonus system

software for solarium salons


Tanning Studio Comments 
The better the brain of your studio,
the healthier your entire system.
  • Thanks to Solarium software, I control the Solariums without any problems.

  • I can easily follow my daily, weekly, monthly, annual turnover in cash and credit card.

  • There's zero chance of leaking sessions...solaros records everything.

  • Which of my customers arrived at what time, how many minutes did they enter which machine, how much money they paid, when did they buy which cosmetics, which consultant served them. I can see every detail in a few seconds.

  • I know which machine has worked for how many hours and how many minutes. I'm prepared to get a warning before the bulbs run out.

  • I can make organizations for registered customer data.

  • My studio's performance by hour, day, month, year. I can see graphically.

  • I can see the arrival and departure times of my staff, their turnover, the products they sell and I can give bonuses.

  • I can call my customers on their birthdays and give them gifts.

  • I can do whatever I want, membership discount campaigns, happy hours bonus, very easily.

  • I can follow devices, bulbs, stocks, personnel, turnovers from anywhere.

  • I've searched the whole world, by far the best.

  • I see my entire business down to the smallest detail.

  • Thanks to solaros I'm at ease.

  • I have the power now.