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Tanning Salon Management Solution!

Manage your salon seamlessly with our control system.

From customer registration to product sales, we've got you covered.

Discover SolarGenie today!

Effortlessly handle customer registrations, monitor product sales, and exercise precise session controls. Leave behind the limitations of outdated systems and welcome a new era of efficiency and accuracy in your salon operations.

Solution for solarium salon management. Say goodbye to inefficiencies and usher in a new era of precision. Seamlessly create and manage customer records, monitor product inventory, track sales, and exercise precise session controls.


Tanning Salon Software - Sonnenstudio Steuerung - Solarium Software


The Tanning Salon

Empower Your Business with SolarGenie – Advanced Solarium Software and Control Solutions

SolarGenie offers cutting-edge solarium software with powerful industrial control features. Developed in spring 2001, our proven system has been a trusted ally for businesses over 22 years.

Optimize your solarium operations, increase efficiency, and enhance customer experiences with SolarGenie's comprehensive suite of tools. Discover how our networked software revolutionizes your business today


















SolarGenie Software:

  • Detailed Customer Management System: Keep track of customer data efficiently.

  • Comprehensive Machine & Tube Analytics: Gain valuable insights from statistics and graphics.

  • Streamlined Accounting & Component Oversight: Manage finances and monitor equipment.

  • Effortless Sales Process: Simplify the selling process seamlessly.

  • In-Depth Studio Reports: Access various reports covering cash register, customer, machine, personnel, and cosmetics.

  • Dynamic Power Regulation: Optimize power consumption effectively.

  • Engaging Bonus & Campaign Features: Implement rewarding promotions effortlessly.

  • Insightful Tanning Statistics: Stay informed about tanning sessions and preferences.

SolarGenie Hardware:

  • Industrial Relay-Controlled Machines: Ensure precision with controlled machines.

  • 1 Control Box for Multiple Beds: Manage up to 8 tanning beds from a single control unit.


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About Crouzet:

Crouzet, a prominent brand of Custom Sensors & Technologies, is a global leader in automation component manufacturing for industry, aviation, and transport. Boasting over 80 years of expertise, Crouzet excels in electronics, electromechanics, and magnetism, delivering a range of products for automation technology. This includes micro-controls, motors, switches, solid-state relays, and pneumatics.

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Tanning Salon with Solarium Software

Advanced solarium software designed for seamless management. Gain full control over tanning beds, streamline visitor registration, and track their behavior. Manage sales and maintain accurate accounting records effortlessly.

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Efficient Solarium Control with Industrial Relay

Ensure precise control of your solarium machines through an industrial-grade relay system. Our advanced technology guarantees seamless operation.

  • Industrial relay control

  • 1 control box for up to 8 solariums

  • Optimal solarium machine management



Problem Free On Devices



SolarGenie has greatly simplified the operation of my tanning salon. Basic functions like customer records, product stocks, and sales tracking can now be managed much faster and more efficiently.


Thanks to this software, controlling the tanning devices and session durations has become quite simple. Additionally, the emphasis on security and flexible membership systems are significant advantages for me.


Their technical support is truly effective and fast. Whenever I encountered an issue, the team was always there to help. Thanks to SolarGenie, the efficiency in my business has increased, and customer satisfaction has risen.

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