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Solarium Consultation Form

A solarium consultation form is a document that is used by a business that provides solarium (indoor tanning) services to assess the suitability of a customer for solarium use. 

It typically includes a series of questions that are designed to gather information about the customer's medical history, skin type, and tanning experience.

The purpose of a solarium consultation form is to ensure that the customer is aware of the potential risks associated with solarium use and to help the business determine whether the customer is a good candidate for solarium use. This may include checking for medical conditions or medications that may increase the risk of skin damage or other adverse effects.

A typical solarium consultation form may include questions such as:

What is your skin type?
Have you used a solarium before?
Do you have any medical conditions or are you taking any medications that may affect your skin's response to UV light?
Have you had any previous reactions to UV light exposure?
Are you aware of the risks associated with solarium use?
The answers to these questions can help the business determine whether the customer is suitable for solarium use and provide recommendations on how to use the solarium safely. It is important for customers to be honest and accurate when completing a solarium consultation form to ensure that the business is able to provide the most appropriate recommendations and guidance.

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