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The Tanning Salon

A system that will motivate your business.

SolarGenie Is a networked solarium software with industrial control extensions.

Project development began in spring 2001 and has been in use for 20 full years.


- Detailed customer system

- Machines & tubes statistics, graphics

- Accounting & component control

- Part of the sale

- Studio reports /

   (cash register, customer, machine,

    personnel  and Cosmetic reports)

- Power limitation

- Bonus & Campaigns

- Tanning statistics

Your machines are controlled by an industrial relay.


1 Control Box:  Control up to 8 tanning beds

2 Control Box: Control up to 16 tanning beds




Crouzet, a brand of Custom Sensors & Technologies, is represented worldwide as a manufacturer of automation components in industry, aviation and transport.

With over 80 years of experience and extensive know-how in electronics, electromechanics and magnetism, Crouzet covers a wide variety of functions in automation technology, such as acquisition, monitoring, control, processing and communication, with products from the micro-control and micro areas of activity -Motors, Switches, Solid-State Relays and Pneumatics.


System features

• Easy to use & train

• Multilingual system.

• Multi-user infrastructure

• Executive studio and cash flow reports

• Local and wide area network support

• Customizable interface


Customer features

• Customer profiles

• Detailed customer tracking

• Custom reports

• Tracking of cash flow and customer details.

• Customer search with different keys (name, phone no., ..)

• Image support by cam for identification of the customer

• Configurable discounting & types of memberships.

• Reservation system

• Bonus system

• Tracking of different payment types


Studio features

• Interactive studio status screen

• Expense entry & reporting functions.

• Dynamic pricing and membership system

• Happy hour system

• Personnel module

• Customizable user rights

• Detailed inventory system
- Tracking of inventory quantities
- Stock reports

• Browning & cash flow graphics

• Tubes & machines graphics


User system

SolarOS is a multi-user application. There are 3 different types of access

defined in Solaros:


• Superuser

• Studio Administrator

• Assistant account


Auto log-off

SolarOS has an automatic log-off function,

which is designed to allow unattended access to the business terminal

to prevent.


Hardware requirements:

Solar OS requires at least the following requirements:

  • Memory: 8 GB RAM or higher

  • Hard disk: 50 GB

  • 2 Monitors

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7/8/10


SolarOS scope of delivery:

You will receive a download link and a USB flashdisk from us. Installation instructions and the associated instructions are available on youtube.

On our website there are additional tools to provide you with further support. In order to be able to access your system with our remote maintenance, your computer must have a working internet connection.


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SolarOS Is a networked solarium software with industrial control extensions.