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How will you benefit from the SolarGenie tanning salon software?

Tanning Salon Software


Allows you to easily register new customers and send time to devices.


Allows you to easily track all your customer information. It reports phone, address, photo, age range, gender, usage habits.


Allows you to perform skin type analysis for your customers.


Reports the detailed usage analysis of all your solarium devices numerically and graphically. It shows the lifetime of the bulbs and allows timely replacement.


Reports all customer movements according to time intervals. (Which devices he uses, session duration, which days of the day, cosmetic product preference, memberships, discounts, packages, total turnover)


Allows you to define different alternatives such as different memberships, discounts, discounts, discounts, bonuses for customers.


All personnel movements; It controls their sales, arrival and departure times, who they serve and when, and cash register transactions.


Reports all turnover movements by selecting different time periods of cash and credit card. (Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly etc.)


Reports customers who have not been gone for a long time and gives a chance to win back the customer.


Offers a unique solution for franchise, dealership, chain businesses, partner businesses. The probability of a leak is zero. Even when you are on vacation, you can control your work remotely within 1-2 minutes with peace of mind.


It is very easy to install in your business. It is also quick and easy to use. It has been easily used and continues to be used in businesses with 300 people a day.


Since it is not a web-based system, if your computer is not connected to the internet, it is not possible to have problems with data security.

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